Hi!  :)

I am Jordi.

I love to tell stories; I do mostly Graphic Novels and Character Design for Animation.

I'm from Barcelona, working as a freelance since 1998.

I think even a single image has a little story inside. The emotion in the pictures is the most important thing.

I love to wrote stories and design variate new characters, from their first simple lines and shapes to their unique expressions and body language. I work to build their background and personality, moments that beat their intimate history. My goal is always to show who they really are. 

Some of latest projects Clients: Netflix Animation, Marvel Studios, Dargaud, Passion Pictures, 3dTotal, Superprod, Glassworks, Dupuis, among others. 

International prizes:

Priz Uderzo, 2021 . Prix de la différence Angoulême 2011 ; France. Silver and Bronze  international Maga award; Japan 

Prix Diagonal; Belgium. Prix Bédélix d'or 2011;  Québec. 

You can follow me at Twitter and Facebook and Instagram


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