I love cartooning; 

I do it since I was a kid. I love to tell stories; Even a single image has a little story inside. The emotion in the pictures is the most important thing, Characters would be my second thing in the list. The characters are just “there”, my job is to catch them.

Ilove to design variate new characters, from their first simple linesand shapes to their unique expressions and body language. I work tobuild their background and personality, moments that beat theirintimate history. My goal is always to show who they really are.

I'm from Barcelona, working as a freelance since 1998.

I do mostly Graphic Novels, Illustration and Character design. My books are published in several languages. 

Clients included: Dargaud, Dupuis, Bridge & la Gelera, Fluide Glacial, Rodale, Ara, catorze, among others. 

International prizes:

Prix de la différence Angoulême 2011 ; France.
Bronze in the International Japan Award.
Prix Diagonal; Belgium.
Prix Bédélix d'or 2011;  Québec. 
Prix à Tours de Bulles; France.

( and some more ) 

Special Guest Presenter at CTNx 2017 & 2018

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